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Q: How do I set up my Default Ads?
A: First you need to upload some ads. Here is all you need to do to set your Default ads:

  • Get the HTML code and/or images for the ads you want to use.
  • Login to the Site Manager and click on the "Default Ads" link.
  • Click on the green "Default Ads" button for the Zone you want to work with.
  • Upload one default ad:
    • For an image you have on your computer, name the default, enter the URL for the ad to send readers to, and upload the image that matches the size of the Zone.
    • For Rich Media (HTML, Flash, etc.) and 3rd party (AdSense, CJ, ValueClick) ads, name the ad then paste the code into the box.
  • Clicking "Continue" will bring you back to the Default Manager for that Zone. You will see an "Image Not Available" placeholder for that ad, but if you hover over the image you will see your campaign name.
  • Repeat for as many default ads as you wish to create.
  • Then you can drag the image for each default into each of the eight slots you want to use that are available for your rotation.
  • Click the "Update" button. Check the box if you want the changes to show up immediately.

That's it. You are done. AdJungle will rotate through your ads until you make a change. You can edit this and change the order, remove, or add new defaults at any time as often as you wish.

Q: How do I manage existing ads and set up an ad rotation?
A: First you need to upload a number of Default ads as described above. You can click and drag any of your Default ads from the Default Library to any of the eight Site Display Rotation slots.

When you are satisfied with the ads you want to show, click on the "Update" button. Check the "Make changes immediately" box if you want the new rotation to start right away. Otherwise, the new rotation will begin overnight.

You have eight available slots to create any rotation you want for each Zone. You can use them to compare ad networks, affiliate offers, or even different variations on a creative to see which works best.

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