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Easily manage your banner inventory and sell space directly to advertisers. Use your own AdSense, YieldManager, affiliate, or any other banners as defaults to show when your advertisers are not buying. Place a few lines of code into your pages and you are ready to go. makes it easy for advertisers to buy ads on your site with no additional work.
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Not just banners, five popular sizes:

  • 468x60 Banners
  • 728x90 Leaderboards
  • 120x600 Skyscrapers
  • 160x600 Wide Skyscrapers
  • 300x250 Rectangles

New! - Get Paid With PayPal

Simple to use
Manage all your banners from a simple interface. Just place a little HTML on your Web site and does all the work for you. No more site editing - you can use our Web interface to update your default banner rotation anytime. You can spend your time on what is really important: your content, your site, and your community.

Make more money can help you make money through advertising to your site visitors. You can use AdSense, affiliate banners, and even other ad network banners as defaults and then set your fee above what you are earning. Advertisers can easily place their banners directly into your site.

You have control
You decide on what pages you want to place ads, and which advertising campaigns you want to accept. Use our simple Web interface that make it quick and easy to manage advertising on your site while maintaining complete control.

Get Paid pays you monthly by Check or PayPal any time you have more than $20 in earnings. Payments go out by the 25th of the month and you are paid for the previous month's earnings. That means you can earn within a month of adding our code to your site, not the typical three months with other programs.

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Join the only self serve online advertising network today.

  • Automated ad rotation and scheduling
  • Make more money from your site
  • Instant, free setup
  • No software to install, just 4 lines of HTML
  • You set pricing for your site
  • Accept all major credit cards
  • Web based administration
  • Reliable monthly payments
  • Approve or reject each ad
  • Track success with daily Zone statistics
  • Included in the Directory
  • No fees to join
  • No exclusivity contracts
  • No volume contracts
  • No ad serving charges
  • Cancel at any time

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